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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, February 06, 2006
Will These Super Friends Be Able to Defeat the Green Eye Monster? 

Beverage Boy sent me this email after reading the post to this dating blog where I vented about his girlfriend: WTF is Wrong With These Jealous Bitches?!:
Beverage Boy & Wonder Girl
To: Wonder Girl (aka Mad Dater)
From: Beverage Boy
Subject: What's up?

Wonder Girl,
What up?! First let me apologize for changing your name in my phone. It had been changed back to (Your Name) from (Guy Looking Name) when I heard your tone at first notification.

I read your blog and noticed you hadn't returned my call in a while. My intuition led me to believe you were pissed at me and you should be. I've tried to explain this to her several times and she just has this ridiculous fear that for some reason you and I will date again and cannot understand that we are friends.

After reading your blog I truly realize this is a wake up call and if she can't deal with you being in my life as one of my closest friends, that's too bad. I was ignorant in my thinking that all women are secure and was not expecting her to throw fits when I mention I'm going to your city and continually ask me who I'm staying with when my family and a few of my boys still live there.

I was wrong thinking I could be open and speak my mind without serious repercussions because I was stupid to think that she would be understanding and I could express myself and be comfortable with me telling her about how you and I are good friends although we used to date.

The absolute truth is not meant for everyone and I should have realized that, but most importantly, after reading your blog, thinking, writing, and re-reading this email I see how ridiculous it is that I have to hide one of my closest friends from my girlfriend and need to break it down to her and tell her the deal again.

I miss talking to you and don't want to lose our friendship. Well, hope all is well with you. Let's touch base soon.

Beverage Boy
I may be able to keep my Super Friend after all. Then again, he hasn't read the comments on that blog post yet....

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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