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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Thursday, January 06, 2005
Ego Trippin... well it is my Birthday 

Ladies' remember when you were younger and guarded your "rep" as a "good girl", even if you did let boys get to "2nd base"? If anyone said anything about you in a sexual way you were embarrassed. And if you were a tough girl, you would round up ya posse and go find the person who was spreading these "rumors" about you and fix the situation.

Today that is so not the case for this girl.
Anyone who has read this Dating Blog for some time knows about my many "exploits" like: "The Hand Cuff" episode, the "The Punisher" episode, the "Late Night in the Park" episode; etc... I could go on, but then again you could just read the archives...

Why do I bring this up? Well y'all know that I go to East Side Lounge a lot, I know the bouncer there ("Brother Bear") pretty well. Well after going to Java-ol'o'gy, East Side Lounge, and Tyson's on New Year's, I ended up at and Arts Beats & Lyrics (at like 5AM). And who should I see sippin' on a brew, but "Brother Bear".

Seems ya boy knows "El Diablo Bastard"/"Stevie Wonder Bastard" (Who I ran into Christmas day on my way to brunch at Babette's Cafe... he's still a cutie). Then, THEN, then he tells me he "Knows all about the Mad Dater Dating Blog"! If I was lighter I would have been red from blushing.

But, BUT, but then he gives me a knowing grin and tells me "El Diablo Bastard"/"Stevie Wonder Bastard" only had good (he put major emphasis on "good") things to say about me. Well I guess men talk too!

And ya know what? I wasn't the least bit embarassed that he knew about my skills. Matter'o fact ya girl was like, "Well, if it's good, it's good. Good news always travels." - LOL. Then he gave me dap.

Not to say that ya girl doubted her skills; but it's not like you ever really know how you perform. It's a rare (and cold-hearted) person who's gonna say something bad to someone's face about their performance after the act. Granted, the exasperated expression on the face "Dr. Love Bastard" after a good "head exam" would let me know that 'twas a good job I did. But that look didn't compare to seeing "Vidal Sassoon’s Bastard"s brother grin at me last year when he told me "Yeah, my brother told me you gave that type of 'Exam" that could make any man weak."

With all the other anxiety I have in my life, glad that "performance anxiety" isn't one of them... he, he.

So now that I'm turning 29 (again) today, I thought I'd start my day with my first Blog post in almost a month. Sorry y'all girl's been busy. And unfortunately I haven't been busy "getting busy". Therefore my birthday wish is to start the year off with a Bang... oh by the way, I ended it with one as well...more on that later...

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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Ego Trippin... well it is my Birthday - The Mad Dater Dating Blog
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