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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, August 23, 2004
And Sometimes They Apologize 

Question: What has a sad face, and has a bottle of wine attched to their hand?
Answer: A bastard who knows he messed up.
Yes, "I Need Love Bastard" has apologized for be ing a jerk-off the other night (and reimbursed me for that cab ride). He said all the right things: "I need to apologize in person", "I'm sorry", "You'd be a dolphin."

OK, the Dolphin thing is not a typical part of an apology, but we digressed into this whole conversation about scuba diving and how if I were a sea creature, he thinks I'd be a Dolphin. Why a Dolphin? Well, I'm sociable, highly intelligent, calm and if it came down to it, I could be a killer. All true, but we digress.

So was his apology and Dolphin compliment enough to save him from being kicked off my regular Bastard rotation? Hmm. Unsure. See I know some people (paul) would say "kick him to the curb"; or whatever phrase is popular these days. But the truth of the matter is I'm partially to blame for what happened to me. He could have never treated me the way he did if I didn't put myself into that situation.

When I explained this to him, he was perplexed. He wanted me to be mad, he wanted me to yell, he wanted some reaction out of me outher than, "You were wrong, but so was I." I can't help that I understand the Bastard Mentalaty - I am a Bastard after all.

Maybe, this knucklehead, who did something intentionally (sub-consciously) to hurt me and tried to bolt when I expressed some emotions to him, reminds me of myself. Yes, I can be a bastard, and I used to specialize in being a jerk off. If someone told me that they loved me, I’d say "Thanks. Can you pass me the remote?" Maybe that's why I still have this soft spot for someone who is wrong for me on many levels.

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