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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Men, Alcohol and Other Summer Fun 

AKA: Anything Can Happen

My tolerance level is low. Yup, I'm a light weight. After my third drink, anything can happen. After I've decided that a bastard and/or my life is boring me, anything can happen. After having drinks with PYT at The Dark Horse Tavern , then drinks at Dragonfly, then heading over to Commune with He's Like a Brother To Me and finally some late night grub at Da Vinci's, anything did happen.

See when I've been drinking something crazy is "bound ta happen". (Bound Ta Happen: Messing around with the least likely Suspect). Oh, did I mention that I bumped into "Baking Bastard" coming out of Commune? Did I mention that I saw his house in the SWATS? I guess I forgot, musta been all the drinks...

See when I've been drinking my perceived Bastard Boredom Level goes up. (Bastard Boredom: When I'm not sure if I really like a bastard and the sex isn't enough of a reason to stick around.). Yes, I'm a little "bored" with "I Need Love Bastard" and I decided that I'm just not gonna see this kid again... on Friday. But there's something electric about him... and my resolve faded by Sunday.

See when I've been drinking I will call up a bastard like "Dr. Love Bastard" and tell him that we either need to move forward or go back to being "Friends". (Friends: people who do not have sex on a semi-regular basis). He said "friends" . I said "cool, guess I won't be coming over tonight". He said, "gimmie just one more night" . I said "Men!"

See when I've been drinking I will tell a bastard like "Stevie Wonder Bastard" (heretofore known as "Why Can't You Leave Me Alone Bastard" ), "If you haven't noticed, you're the one calling me". I don't care to rehash our relationship for the upteenth time. Simply admit that you like me and then maybe we can continue a conversation from there; and telling me "that we both still like each other" is a weak attempt at admitting the facts; man-up bro.

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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Men, Alcohol and Other Summer Fun - The Mad Dater Dating Blog
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