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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Saturday, April 24, 2004
Hot Fun In The Summertime... 

Summer must be here because... my Bastard life is getting complicated.

Last Thursday I called up "Mr. Touchy-Touchy Bastard" , to "see what he was up to" (especially since Dr. Love Bastard is out of town) but he was like "I'll call ya back...". We all know what that means: Look if I haven't found someone else to "Hit-up" and I'll hit you up if that falls through. Being impatient I decide to Do The Wrong Thing. I call up my ex "Stevie Wonder Bastard" and we go down to East Side Lounge and get some drinks.

Who should I run into at the bar? None other than"Mr. Touchy-Touchy Bastard". By the look of the fruity drink he was carrying, I knew he was there with a chick. But not just any chick, none other than The Angry Trick. Yes, the same chick who coulda won an oscar for her portrayal of a chick locked out of her spot. The same chick who made all of that up just to sleep with ya man. That's when ya boy lost all props with me. OK, granted girlie is a cutie pie - but she is a known crazy person!! And when you knowingly mess with a crazy person who has already proven that she will do just about anything to mess with ya, your judgment is more a little suspect.

Nonetheless, being the cool ass sister that I am I told him to "do ya thing", introduced him to my ex and even had a cordial conversation with the crazy, Angry Trick... of course that didn't stop him from trying to molest me in the bathroom later....

The best part of the night? Other than realizing that my Ex really is an a$$, was talking to "I Need Love Bastard". I had called his house to find out if "Mr. Touchy-Touchy Bastard" sealed the deal with the Angry Trick, which he didn't and ended up taking to his roommate.

I see that I may have to put back into place my plan for "The Big Bastard Swap of '04"... stayed tuned. You know The Mad Dater always gets her Bastard!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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