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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
From The Mouth of Babes... 

Witchy Woman, JazzyBelle and I need our own show. Maybe something called "Forever Single" where we discuss such topics as: (Taken from actual conversations)
  1. How to avoid F#$! Buddy #1 to get with F#$! Buddy #2.
  2. How to handle a C@*# - Blocking man. (Fellas will C@*# - Block a lady when they know she wants to get with someone else. The stories I could tell on that one alone.)
  3. How a younger man is a necessity in your stable of F#$! Buddy's because he's so oblivious that even when you blow him off (see #1), he'll still always be your "come thru piece" .
  4. How to ask for _ _ _ _.
  5. How to get with the brother/cousin/friend/roommate of a soon to be former F#$! Buddy without causing problems between them
  6. Why is it that the women who dated your F#$! Buddy before you turns out to be The Drama Queen/Crazy Bi!*#/stalker that thinks that you are the reason why her Ex doesn't want her. Then proceeds to ask ya F#$! Buddy to take her home as you sit next to him, or wait in front of ya spot in her ride or show up at his place with some made up story about being locked out of her place...digressing
  7. Why women who think like men are dangerous to the ego of so called Players; who say they will be seeing other women and don't expect that you will be doing the same. Then get salty when they find out that you are seeing other people and mad at themselves because that's when they decide they "love" you.
BTW: "Vidal Sassoon Bastard" now officially has my number. His brother called to tell me that he finally handed over the digits to my Original Bastard. He also told me how his bro told him that the sex between us was "out of this world". Glad to know you all share that type of info... as long as that's all y'all plan on sharing where The Mad Dater is concerned!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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