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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, January 26, 2004
I May Be Making A Mistake Here... 

... amm, that's "Stevie Wonder Bastard" outside... gotta jet.
Hold up... hey!

The Around The Way Girls weigh in:

Ms. Standin' at the bus stop, suckin' on a lollipop: "Ain't that her Ex - Man"
Ms. Girl with extensions in her hair: "Yeah girlfriend I think she's backsliding."
Ms. Fendi bag and a bad attitude: "Ain't that her "Mr. I Ain't Calling Him No More"
Ms. Baby hair pumpin', lip gloss a-shinin': "Well I heard she ain't had sex in two months."
Ms. Go flip when you think your man is playing you: "Oooh girl, I know that's right, she must be fiending."
Ms. Walk with her switch and talk with street slang: "I knew she'd fall off. She couldn't a fell off like that. Could she?"

1 hour earlier...

If I can break it, trip over it, spill it or lose it, it will happen. Matter of fact, it's bound to happen.

At my last apartment I lost my keys so many times that the neighbors didn't even get alarmed when they would see someone breaking into my apartment, because they knew it was me. I've tripped so many times, in so many ways, at so many places that it's not even embarrassing anymore; it's a given and bound to happen. So me losing my wallet on the bus should come as no supprise; especially since I just replaced everything in it after being robbed. That's my luck..

So, ya girl is stuck at work and nobody wants to answer their phone... except... "Stevie Wonder Bastard" . Damn, so what do I do now? Well obviuosly I'm taking the ride! I mean what do I say to him? As you may recall, I have not returned any of his phone calls and now he's agreed to pick me up from work. "Here I come to save the day..."

So what excuse do I give for not returning his phone calls:
A. I just ain't want to talk to ya a$$, Bastard.
B. My feelings were hurt and I couldn't speak to you , Bastard.
C. I was stricken with Mad Dater disease, Bastard.

To be continued...

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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