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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Thursday, January 08, 2004
A Few B- Day Shout- Outs... 

"First of all I wanna thank the man upstairs and my momma..." - oops I thought this was some Hip Hop Awards Show...

Seriously, I never thought that my Thirtieth Birthday would be the best birthday that I've had so far... so I must thank a few people for making it great:
  • Chef Richard Blais: It should go without saying that you're creativity in the kitchen is unsurpassed since I ate a Fishbone many time. (Yes, I still have dreams about that foie gras w/ seared tuna in a balsamic reduction) Now you have created an excellent restaurant Blais in Atlanta. The meal set before us was the best I've had all year (then again the year just began - but you know what I mean). From the Appetizers to the Dinner Tasting Menu , your food's progression went from wow to wowzers. Yes, I was actually speechless after eating the Tenderloin with Blue Cheese ice cream (Cow Scares or not, I must have that again). Not only was the food enjoyable, but the effort put forth by the Staff at Blais Restaurant made me feel like a VIP on my birthday. Hope a girl can still get a reservation when you're named one of Atlanta's Best Chef's and Blais, One of Atlanta's Best Restaurants...
  • "Poetic Bastard"- I know in my state I said it many times, but see I'll even say it sober: Thank you so much for dinner and making me feel like my birthday wasn't just another day to celebrate , but that you were celebrating me. I really appreciated that. You have given me an irreplaceable present...
  • Witchy Woman - Just for being you; and those shots didn't hurt. OK, that story you told me about _____ still had me laughing today... As always, I feel very blessed, and lucky to have you in my life...
A Few More B- Day Shout- Outs... continued... (Click Title To Read More)

  • Beverage Boy Thank you for the gift and it better not be "a bottle of Geritol"... Seems I'll forever be "Elaine" to your "Costanza", wish you weren't in The Chi - Town...
  • "That Smiling Bastard" - Thank you for joining us at Blais Restaurant. I really appreciate that you took the time out to celebrate with me. You are definitely a funny MF...
  • Jazzy-Belle - for keeping the drinks coming ... and I will be calling you earlier on Sat morn... early Saturday...
  • Jennifer - That card was hilarious. I knew that my birthday was "The Epiphany" or "Three Kings Day" but I didn't know it was also, "Cuddle Up Day" ...
  • "Serve Me Well Bastard" - Speaking of "Cuddle Up Day"... ahem, thank you for coming out to East Side Lounge and being my "Superman" that night, "Here I come to save you from that lady!"
Thanks you for all the Cyber Space Birthday wishes from:
  • Van Vader - Hopefully, I will be in NYC in sping, since I know all the old school (prep school) crew will be attending any b-day shin dig of your's, especially it being the big'un and all... look forward to seeing ya Mr. DJ...
  • Sharn - I thought someone had been lurking around... then again I have been know to attract lurkers... LOL!
  • Cheri - Your enthusiasm jumps off the page - or maybe it was the all caps - either way, thanks alot...
  • Paul - I swear, you and "Poetic Bastard" could be related - matter's fact I'm about to do some invistigating...
  • The Hard Artist - Hard One, thank you so Mischa for the appearance on my birthday, I really appreciate your words...
  • Jessy - Long time no see Jessy, thank you for the b-day wishes...

And to all the one's who I was too drunk to recall... thanks - kidding, I wasn't that drunk... was I?

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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