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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Friday, January 09, 2004
Did I Just Turn Down Sex? 

This Just In...

The Bastard Daily News: News Of The Weird
Atlanta, Ga. - (AP) “I did not have sexual relations with that man, and I'm not proud to say it.” In a statement sent to the press today, The Mad Dater admitted to not having relations with “Serve Me Well Bastard” and not being proud of it. “He's cute, smart, funny, intelligent , entertaining and well built (“Damn, now I see why he had on that Superman underwear!”), yet I fronted big time. What is wrong with me?” When a bastard is serving up a tasty treat like that and The Mad Dater does not feast, something must be wrong. "This all makes no sense to me, I was definitely feelin' him. So why wasn't I feeling on him more?" Tests are currently being done on The Mad Dater to see if her mild case of B.A.D. has turned into a full blown case.

Many observers were surprise to hear of not ceasing a golden opportunity to be “broken off”. This was especially surprising because after at least two months without sex, being slightly drunk and have a cutie pie lying in front of her, it would seem a given that The Mad Daterwould finish this off. Surely disappointing to "Serve Me Well Bastard" was that The Mad Dater didn't even give him a full body inspection. (Though thoughts of a Head Inspection did cross her mind). It seemed almost a given that she would do something with him, especially seeing them flirt at Blais Restaurant . One supprised pundit offered the following observation, "Maybe the food was so good at Blais Restaurant that she didn't have enough room for dessert." It really did seem like the pair was off to a night of fun to onlookers who witnessed "Serve Me Well Bastard" smack her ass at East Side Lounge before leaving together.

On the night in question, ISSy (Inner Slutty Sister) was heard telling The Mad Dater, ”Now this is definitely a way to ring in your thirties Momma”, as she departed with the bastard in question. Thus of all the I-Three's (The Mad Dater's Inner voices), ISSy was the most shocked and disappointed at the actions of The Mad Dater. IGGy (Inner Good Girl) noted that possibly The Mad Dater was more reserved than normal because “Serve Me Well Bastard” made some not so good girl assumptions about The Mad Dater especially since while there is a whole lot'o “grooving” on this site, assumptions about “grinding” should not be made.” IVOR (Inner Voice Of Reason) speculated that maybe it was the phone call The Mad Dater received from "Stevie Wonder Bastard" earlier that day that left her off balance. While not common knowledge, The Mad Dater has held the belief that the man who remembers her Birthday would be The One. Thus receiving that phone call may have seemed like more than just coincidence to her. Our reports now confirm that it was just a coincidence.

The Mad Dater can only hope that "Serve Me Well Bastard" meant it when he said "Oh, this will happen" . "Serve Me Well Bastard" could not be reached for comment at press time.

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