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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, January 05, 2004
Can I Get A Reach 

After getting my sweat to King Britt DJing at MJQ on Memorial Day Weekend, I go out to get some air. (If you've ever been to MJQ then you know getting air is a necessity since their idea of A/C is some sweaty dude breathing on your neck). Now keep in mind that I have The Tan - aka The Man Magnet - working at Full Throttle . So I lean up against a car and this dude starts talking to me. Now if I had known that he would soon be called "Is That A Bill Bastard?" , I would have never given him my number after chit - chatting with him.

A Few Days later, I'm shopping and the phone rings:

"Is That A Bill Bastard?": What are you doing later?
The Mad Dater: I don't know yet?
ITABB: Do you want to go out and get some drinks with me?
TMD:Sure, where should I meet you?
ITABB: It's up to you.
Ok Apres Diem, I'll see you there at...

Kids did you see the key statement in that exchage? In case you didn't let me replay it - ITABB: Do you want to go out and get some drinks with me?" OK then, it doesn't take a genius to see that he asked me out. Which means what? HE PAYS! Being a mordern woman, I don't believe that a man should always pay for a date. But I do believe that: HE WHO ASKIETH, PAYIETH!

There have been many times that I have asked guys out and paid. Just ask Beverage Boy or "Oh, You Can't Call Nobody Bastard" (Side Note: OYCCNB: if your reading this, send me an email with you're number, since I don't have it anymore). Even if a guy does pay for dinner, I still try to get the after dinner cocktails; it's only right. Feel me?

Fast forward to Apres Diem. We find a couch in the back and I order the requisite Kettle One Gimlet up. Your boy orders water. I asked if he was drinking - he says no and tells me something about being at some Memorial Day BBQ earlier, and had been drinking, and yadda, yadda. This is a little strange, since he did ask me to meet him for drinks, no?

Alright three gimlets and 2 glasses of water and a great conversation later Iwas difinetly feeling this dude. We coulda had something, it could have been a great love, a great romance, or at least great sex... until the server brings the bill.

It was like the server never put the bill down, It was if he never asked me out. It was if the bill situation was previoulsy discussed. It was really as if any chances of that great sex had dissappeared. Now keep in mind that I was actually going to pay the bill since he only ordered water, it's only fair right? But 5 minutes, two averted glances at the bill later, I reach for the bill.

Was it too much to ask to at least have gotten "The Reach". Y'all know The Reach aka The I Might Pay This Bill Reach. It's that thing Blue Hairs and Old Friends do at dinner when the bill comes. You know one person goes for the check and then the other does The Reach, which enables the first to give them the, "I've got this" statement.
Was it wrong that I laughed as I paid the bill? Was it wrong that I thought "this is the last time I'll got out with you" bastard? Is it wrong that I told him that that wasn't cool a few weeks later? Is it wrong that even though we hung out after that, little did he know that nothing was ever going to happen between us? I say no!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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