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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Thursday, November 13, 2003
You Know They Come Back... They Always do... 

November Sweeps are on fire; and you thought we'd save the biggies for the end of the month.

OK, I know I shouldn't have mentioned his name, but I did. And like The Candy Man, say his name three times and he appears. Oh, yes kids, it's The President of The Extraordinary League Of Bastards himself. The bastard who pissed me off so much that I started this blog: "No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard" *

He sent me an email saying: "... I see you're really busy these with your Spam (Blog)... interesting reads I might say... Its funny even though I know its meant to be funny... or venting but outside of that, it definitely has alot truth all over it. Anyway, I am on the crust of Atlanta still exploring my options and hoping I'll have some answers. I do admit as much as I want to see you I am a little scared. Don't ask me why, because I don't know why. I just am. Its almost like [That Poem You wrote], "Honeysuckle In My Heart " I have a revised version:
My Heart (Click Title To Read More)

remember how beautiful you looked that day
the ripeness in those dark eyes
the way you move gave life the green on the trees
scented of spring and of chance of love
a cool light breeze of autumn or maybe spring
but even beautiful leaves that Fall from trees must fall to something
I wait in vain to catch you smile

I'm inebriated on false ideas turning into denial
your saline destroyed me though time has past
instead of rapture I feel isolate from life
I feel raped of dark smiles on cold nights

I'm drowning in the temptation to call
phone rings your automated voice comes through
a sigh in discontent but sort of relief of dreams that can't come true
blue is for me no blue is for us
evaporate....why... don't say goodbye
Why is it that my heart still stops when I see his name in my inbox? Why is it that I still feel something even reading his words? Why is it that part of me feels so weak for him, and I'm not even pre-menstrual? Why do I feel this bastard is worse that a "Like Herpes Bastard"because he keeps coming back? Why do I feel like this is all little too planned? Why do I feel like he's been reading this site waiting to pounce? Hmmm.....

*Also Known On This Blog As:
"Billy", "Billy Bastard", "Waiting Bastard","Can I Get Laid Bastard" ,"No More Waiting Bastard" , "Self-Righteous Bastard", "Conviction-less, Self-Righteous, "The-Only-Principle-I-Know-Was-The-One-I-Had-In-School-Bastard", "That Bastard, Who's Name Is Too Long To Write Out" and "Disturbed Lover"

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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