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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Some Drama For That A$$ 

This post was brought to you by the Producers of the hit stage play: "Momma The World Done Changed" and the same people who brought you: "How to Love a Black Man In a Beauty Shop".
I'm a Great First Dater, so I shouldn't have accepted that date with "Where'd You Get That Bastard" - yet I did. He was bound to be like: "you're great, blah, blah... you're beautiful, blah, blah... when can I see you again, blah, blah..." Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that it's a little unfair to him. I mean who wants to go out with someone, start digging them and then have them tell you, "Look, it's been fun but that's it". I sure don't. So as a precaution, I only accept dates from people that I can or would eventually date.

But Saturday was a whole other case entirely. Could I help it that "Where'd You Get That Bastard" was charming and cute? Could I help it that I was feeling that adreline from meeting someone new? Could I help it that "Stevie Wonder Bastard" stood me up? Could I help it?

Ahh, it's Saturday... "Where'd You Get That Bastard" calls me and we make plans to see each other at 6:30. I'm like cool, I'll have time to go on a Pre-Battle, I mean Pre-Date jog and enjoy the weather a bit (only in GA can you have the fireplace going one day and be jogging in a tank top the next). Well I got my run in and got a quick bite at Surin's Thai Bowl and put on my Battle Gear.

Casually Nice is always the required First Date Gear. Putting on something too cute comes off as a "hey this is the first date on our way to the alter" outfit. And honestly what man can resist a perfect fitting pair of jeans (and by perfect, I don't mean jeans that fit in the slutty- "Hey look it's my Ass" kind of way. I mean accentuating the curves) and nice heels?

So I'm looking all Casually Cute, waiting for your boy to show up. 6:30 passes... 7:00 passes... 7:30 passes.... finally the phone rings and your boy was like, "Hey I was asleep..." Look let's be honest, the first time you go out with someone is not the right time for The Lame Excuse Phone Call, feel me? But I'm cool about it. He say he's leaving now from Scary-etta... oops I mean Marietta (It's all scary outside the perimeter of Atlanta), so I'm thinking it'll be about 30 minutes for him to show up. 8:00 passes... 8:30 passes... 9:00 passes, this is when I call a cab because I'm just not gonna wait for anyone... too long. History has always shown that waiting for a man too long, means you're doomed to be with someone who will always feel like their time is more important than you're time ( I think Anthony told Cleopatra he'd be there on a Monday and didn't show up until Sunday)- in a nutshell it sets a bad precedent. I go downstairs to get my cab and who should be there but, "Where's You Get That Bastard" with some flowers. Now we all know flowers can only mean one thing - you done messed up and came with a Please Don't Kill Me Gift in hand.

Original plan- go to park and then catch a movie. Well we weren't going to the park because as you can tell from my previous posts, the only thing that happens in Piedmont Park after a certain time is hooking-up. And while ya boy was a cutie pie, I wasn't gonna hook up with him....well not after being so late anyway. Secondly, movies are just not the best place for a date unless you're hooking up (again not hooking up with him) so a movie wasn't happening. Well this woman needed a drink, because I was still ticked that ya boy was so late. We go to Après Diem and I order the required Kettle One Gimlet up, that's when your boy tell me that he doesn't drink. As Witchy Woman says, you can't trust anyone who doesn't drink... well anyone who makes it a point not to drink- too many hang ups. Regardless, we have a decent time, even tough your boy is a Close Talker and a Toucher. I was thinking,"Can I please have my knee back, and while you're at it can I have some of my personal space back?"

Then we head over to Cherry, (Side Rant: When did Cherry become Club Cherry? Can I just get some sushi and a drink? Why is it that certain people have to turn everything into a club? I feel you Kebo! And don't act like you don't know what I mean! It's the same thing that happened with the Martini Bar - and you see that place closed!) and I order a drink. While at the bar "I'm So Corny That I Have To Wear A Suit And Hope It Drapes Me In Some Coolness Bastard" tries to holla. Your boy stops his friend in the middle of a story to holla at me, really not cool - friends should always come first. So I look at his friend and I'm like, "You just gonna let him interrupt your story?" So he interrupts me with some garbage line about HAVING to talk to a pretty woman. I'm like forget it, I wouldn't talk to anybody who would just front on their friend for a piece of A$$. Then he was obviously mad at being rebuffed and whispers to his friend that I didn't tip the bartender. Ok, the drink I ordered was six and I gave him a twenty and asked for 10 back, so I had already taken care of the bartender - you know my rule: Always tip. So the bartender looks at him like the asshole and I tell the bartender "What an A$$" - see people like that never get play from The Mad Dater.

Oh yeah, back to the date I was on...So "Where'd You Get That Bastard" and chit-chat for a minute and then head over to his store in East Atlanta. He chills and we end up seeing "Poetic Bastard" and Witchy Woman and decide to roll over to Formosa with "That Smiling Bastard" for some late night thing. Ok, who knew they had a two level basement there? Next, we went to Late Night at Reds and danced our butts off. We had a really great time; man the sun was shining when we left.

Your boy tried to kiss me numerous times, but I was like no happs. I wonder how he felt about that? Honestly I didn't want him to kiss me because I knew I could never face "Stevie Wonder Bastard" if I did (I really have to cure my self of this having a conscience thing)... and truth be told I still wanted to see him... but honestly how could I face him now? How do you tell the person you're dating that you went out on a date with someone else? What would Paul do?

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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