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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Saturday, November 08, 2003
Men: Intended for entertainment purposes only 

...I would say we screwed around, but screwing around is "fooling around without dinner"*....

Well isn't it fitting that there was a full moon last night? As they say, "When I can't find a single star to hang my hopes upon, I just move on"* . So I pulled out the cell and called up some past bastards with potential... Called "Dr. Feel Good Bastard" (he had the bad timing of meeting me while my brain was clouded by "Stevie Wonder Bastard"), but he's sick... called "Where'd You Get That Bastard" (felt horrible about not returning his calls), but he's out of town... called "Oh Brother Where Aat Thou Bastard" (Why am I attracted to crazy, I mean interesting people?), well no answer. Finally I tried "Oh You Can't Call Nobody Bastard", we have a winner ladies and gents.

Yeah, he still can't call nobody, but he did answer the phone.... We decide to go to the Beaver Full Moon Party at One Midtown Kitchen. Wow, I forgot what a tasty treat "Oh You Can't Call Nobody Bastard"is... and how smart he is (he designs race cars)... and how he has that whole Shy Guy/Deflower Me thing going on! So why did we only go out once? Hmm... that's right, he can't call nobody! Well maybe it was that I felt he was hiding something from me. Or maybe it was that he stood me up on his birthday... hmm. But that was so long ago, and I did want to discuss The Fountainhead with him... and eye candy with a brain makes for good company... at least for one night.

Lord it was crowded there. Our reso wasn't for another hour, so we had a drink at the bar. Well I had one; he doesn't drink (I know Witchy Woman... don't trust anyone who doesn't drink.). So my one thought as I looked at his beautiful eyes? "When you're good to Momma, Momma's good to you!"* (Well no... but maybe later). "What the heck were you hiding from me when we first went out?" He tells me about my friend (ex-friend?) telling him that she, "has been feeling him all these years... blah...blah... she wanted to give it a shot... blah... blah... but she was moving.... " Rewind! The night she introduced us, my first question to her was "Are you hollering?" She said no. An hour later I had the number and we were going out the next week. Well if she was feeling him, she should have let me know. ( Let me not even get on the soap box about the irritating, passive-aggressive behavior of some women. ) I was like whatevah, he could have just told me that then.

Moving on... thank you One Midtown Kitchen for bringing back the Mussels with Blood Orange Sauce, between that dish and The Dish, I had a great time. We took it to East Side Lounge for a minute. We may have been there for about 45 minutes when we decided that more fun would be had back at his lab. I left so quickly, I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to Jazzy-Belle (Sorry lady).

To give you an idea of how great the rest of the night was, here's a sample of some of the things involved: flying squirrels, laughing, loud noises, bats scares and lots of late night talking... I had a great time.

*All quotes taken from Chicago

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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