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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, November 17, 2003
Hmm.. Hello, Like Where Did That Come From? 

... At SupaFly Sis's party on Friday...
I got the strangest feeling "Baking Bastard" was hitting on me. OK maybe it wasn't a feeling, maybe it was all those innuendo's he was hurling my way. Hmm.. Hello, Like Where Did That Come From? Jerk-o, aren't you trying to get with my girl? While I'm usually throwing, not dodging, innuendos, I wish I had something to throw at him (Wonder Twin powers activate, form of a bucket of water to throw at this ape). Was it wrong that I said we'd hang out on Sat (as friends) knowing I wasn't gonna show?

... At MJQ on Friday ...
"Lay A Wet One On Me Bastard " straight up planted one on me IN THE CLUB no less. Hmm.. Hello, Like Where Did That Come From? And guess what buddy? Nobody wants to be kissed in the club unless they are drunks about to hook-up, PDA Freaks like couples in love or straight girls using Lesbian Chic to get attention. And after the sneak attack, ya boy asks me if I use my tongue when I kiss. What came out of my mouth, "yes" . What stayed in my head, "Yeah Bastard,when someone doesn't sneak attack me at the club" . Note to "Lay A Wet One On Me Bastard" : here are three sure signs I want you to kiss me: The Eyebrow Raise, The Lip Bite or The Kiss Me Already Stare (Easily confused with the What The Hell Is Wrong With You Look; but then again it's all about context).

... At East Side Lounge on Saturday...
As I get up from the bar to use the bathroom, who should walk in and be right behind me? None other than "Stevie Wonder Bastard ". The timing of that even threw Witchy Woman off. Surprisingly, we had a lot of laughs. Even though he asked me such questions as "Do you miss me?" ...Yes, but.... "Do you want to get back together?" ... Maybe, but.... "Do you want to f*€& me?" .. No, and pass that message along to your little friend pressed against my leg. Hmm.. Hello, Like Where Did That Come From?

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