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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Saturday, November 01, 2003
Hey Call Me Back... So I Can Yell At You! 

Arrgh!, your boy "Stevie Wonder Bastard" was supposed to pick me up from work- but guess what? He never showed. The worst part is that we discussed this on Monday. I even left a message on Thursday and Friday morning but nada. I didn't even get The Lame Excuse Phone Call. And sometimes you want The Lame Excuse Phone Call, just so you can tell the person how lame their excuse is, get mad at them and release it.

Well it was Friday and I was gonna go out regardless. So who should call me? No not "Stevie Wonder Bastard" - that would just be too happy of an ending, it was "Bastard From The Past" telling me he's going to the closing of the Dekalb Ave exhibit at ArtSpot. I'm like cool, I'm down. I had planning on going anyway with "Stevie Wonder Bastard"....

So here's where I went wrong with your boy "Bastard From The Past" - I was as looking too cute. You just can't look too cute around someone you used to mess round with, unless you're just a sadistic bastard and want to torture someone. Either that, or you're needy and want them to want you. (OK, I know we've all been guilty of that one.) It was such a mistake going out with him, especially after our last telephone conversation. Your boy was begging to touch me. I don't mean in a sexual way- he knew that was not gonna happen. He just wanted to touch me. Eww - the touching part isn't even the eww part. Honestly it was the extra big meal of neediness he was serving up. I actually felt bad for him. Not bad enough to endlulge him, but bad. And where neediness is the main course, self-pity is always the second course. And self-pity doesn't look good on any one - then again neither do those new coolat like pants that women are wearing these days - but people still rock them.

The show was cool because it was Halloween and most people were in costume. The coolest thing I saw was this funny Jackson Pollock shirt that this guy made. I'll just call him "Pollock-esque Bastard". We had a great convo and he asked me out out for some coffee. That sweet, but I digress. So after the show, well warmed from two large glasses of cheap wine, I get a slice with "Bastard From The Past" at Felini's and who should call me but "Stevie Wonder Bastard", and damn if I didn't want to yell at him. But as luck would have it, my batteries were dying.

So I go home and call him in like a hour. No answer. I call again, no answer. I call again... you know where I'm going with this, huh? So I get extra heated. And you know what happens when The Mad Dater gets overheated - she goes out. So I hop into a cab and meet "The Poetic Bastard" and Witchy Woman at EastSide Lounge. So I chill out with them for a minute - OK more like two hours - when Witchy Woman and I head out. So "Poetic Bastard" walks us to Witchy Woman's car and in the next car is some cutie pie, dread-locked bastard. And as luck would have it, he knew "Poetic Bastard". We chit-chat for a minute, numbers were exchanged (I am a fast worker) and we made plans to go out on tonight... yes, you read correctly, we made plans to go out tonight.

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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