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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
What Has Become of The Mad Dater?  

Things have been straight up crazy since I joined The Couple Gang. I was at East Side Lounge and spotted a cutie staring at me and didn't even bend over to give him a good "Peek at What Mama's Packing". When I saw "Bastard From The Past" at the Photography Unplugged: What Were They Thinking Exhibit, I didn't even give him a full 'Pat Down' - and ya man was looking good. He has this whole salt 'n peppa (not to be confused with the group Salt 'n Peppa- though he does know how to "Push it real good") - I digress... as I was saying he has this whole salt 'n peppa afro thing going on. (You really know you're getting older when you find people with gray hair attractive.) I've been avoiding "Dr. Feel Good Bastard" simply because I like him. Come on, me avoiding men is like me not getting sex when I want it....while this condition is rare, it does happen- hence the craziest thing that has happened to me thus far.

While it is a common secret among women, most men are clueless to the real benefit of PMS. Yes, once you get through the whole "touch me, don't touch me", "Why do you have to breath so much?" and being yelled at for bring home the wrong flavor of Ice cream (I said Dulce La Leche NOT Caramel - don't even bother pointing out that there isn't a difference if you want to walk away with your manhood) there ARE benefits. We get Super Horny. ( Super Horny: Able to straddle men in as single bound, able to "yes" to a one night stand before you get the offer out and become incredibly insatiable.)

So last Saturday, your girl is at The Breaking Point of my PMS(That's the day right before your period) and I wanted some "El Diablo Bastard". We met up for coffee at about 2:00 and afterward we did some heavy flirting and kissing. So he goes home to take a nap before we meet up and I'm thinking "Yes, you'll need that rest, buddy 'ole pal." I could not contain myself - all I was thinking about was attacking him when I saw him later.

So he comes to pick me up and he starts to get in his truck... how I unhooked his pants, straddled him and fit my a$$ in front of his steering wheel is beyond me... but one good "Ahh" later, we were on our way. I did notice that he looked at me a little strange, but I didn't care since I was satisfied... for the moment at least. So after the show we go to The Flatiron to get some grub and I'm thinking about dessert.... So when he dropped me off, I'm expecting to be broken off. Obviously this was not his plan because "El Diablo Bastard" was like "I'm tired, I have to get up early..." , etc, etc.... Even his watch was working against me - the alarm came on on it right after he said that. I don't even think I got to say goodbye before his car was skirting off! OK, What up wit dat! He is my MAN - isn't that the purpose of even calling someone your man - so that you get broken off when you want? I guess sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.

-unbroken but not alone.

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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