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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Friday, October 31, 2003
Talk Dirty To Me 

OK, so I'm a Chatty Cathy with an active imagination and a creative mind. And obviously I like sex. So what do we have have here? Chatty + Creative Mind + Sex = Lots of Dirty Talk. Well folks, I thought I finally met my match in the Talking Dirty Department with "Stevie Wonder Bastard". Boy, he can feed me some dirty thoughts and I just run with it... well more like cum with it. So it should be all good no? NO!

Lately I've noticed a trend between us. There's been so much "Giving" on the part of "Stevie Wonder Bastard" that I started to wonder.... Yes friends, beware of a man who is very "Giving" in the bed - or in the cabs of Red trucks, as is my case. Why? Because something is usually awry. This is always one of those cases of: "Too Good To Be True".

OK to be honest, I'm not complaining about the "Giving" here. I mean come on, I cum at the end of it. What could be wrong with that? Nothing... really. And quietly I am enjoying it. There was actually a time when The Mad Dater actually GAVE UP SEX because she was "Giving" too much. No you read right. I actually gave up sex because I was tired of Bastards being like: "Whew, that was great!" and me being like "Yeah great..." and then rolling over to let my "Fingers Do The walking". For a long time I was really getting the short end of the stick (even with quite a few big sticks). I gave and gave and gave with no orgasm in return; so eventually I just gave up on the whole shebang (emphasis on Bang).

I've been having this feeling like ya boy "Stevie Wonder Bastard" is feeding me lines just to get me to say some wild out stuff. ( Quietly, I would have said that stuff any way). So, was he just feeding me lines? Was I just a willing actress in The "Stevie Wonder Bastard" production of: "Talk Dirty To Me Mad Dater"? Was I just thinking too much when I should be cuming?

These questions and more will all be answered next week - until then have a great weekend!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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