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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Saturday, October 25, 2003
Ring... Ring... Ring 

It's "Bastard From The Past" calling me to thank me for telling him about that photo exhibit last week. Ok, we all know that no one calls someone simply to thank them for telling them about an event, especially an old Horizontal Buddy. So I'm thinking "Ok, why is he really calling me?"

We start with Idle Chit-Chat: I've seen "Oh, You Can't Hold My Hand Bastard" before, probaby at MJQ or L5P."

He moves on to Sort Of Idle Chit-Chat: "Can he have a better name on this site? Something like :'Eats P*$$# Well Bastard' or 'Likes to Watch While You Masturbate Bastard' '(all true I might add). "

Next some Not So Idle Chit-Chat: "Are you still shaved?" (referring to the itty-bitty kitty)

Then he finishes it off with the Reason Why He's Really Calling: "Can I ask you a question?" (Nothing good ever follows that): "So is there ever a chance to dine out on you again?"
Mad Dater: "ok I do consider myself an honorable person and would never cheat on someone (though after 3 drinks... kidding .... maybe)."

"Bastard From The Past": "I meant in the future."

Mad Dater: "Well who knows what the futures holds" (What's life without a cliffhanger... )

"Bastard From The Past": "So I'll be calling you every day then....."
Ring... Ring... Ring...
"Oh, You Can't Hold My Hand Bastard" will not answer his phone- oh yeah!? Couple Gang Rule #1: Don't let your Sig-Nif Other go out without an escort shortly after an argument. (In case this didn't go without saying, don't let them go out with an Escort- unless you're into that.) His loss, 'cause I've decided not to party like it's 1999- especially since it's 2003- but to "Party Like I Don't Have a Man". See these are the brilliant ideas that I get while siting in my living area (I would call it a living room but with the mess I have that would be gentrifing the place. It's like adding 'Hills', 'Falls' or 'Place' to a ghetto in order to attract new money to the place.)

We'll see what pops up - or who pops in

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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