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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Monday, October 06, 2003
Even the Dogs Came To Pay Their Last Respects to the Don... 

The Bastard Daily News: Special Edition

Atlanta, Ga. - (AP) We interrupt our regularly scheduled Bastard News to bring you this Special Edition of The Bastard Daily News.

Rumors have been running rampant regarding the status of The Mad Dater and "El Diablo Bastard" . Our sources have now confirmed that The Mad Dater has in fact joined the Gang known as "The Couple". It seems that The Mad Dater was indeed recruited into this gang by "El Diablo Bastard." While "El Diablo Bastard" was often heard telling The Mad Dater that "resistance to him is futile" and that he would "assisimalate that a$$", no one actually thought that she would join The gang.

The Mad Dater's fall into Couple - dom, was confirmed after The Mad Dater and El Diablo Bastard were spotted "chatting" in The Dog Park at Piedmont Park on Sunday. (Chatting: Light banter Intermittently broken up by fooling around) Reportedly, the two definitely looked comfortable.

One witness even reported that The Mad Dater seemed to be glowing. This is a very changed Mad Dater according to "El Diablo Bastard". The Bastard claims that prior to hanging out with him, The Mad Dater looked unhappy each time he bumped into her, "... sorta like a Lost Member of The Wu Tang Klan - the one who didn't get signed."

The dogs in the Dog Park were the first to notice that The Mad Dater had joined "The Couple". . In a scene that could have come out of the movies, (if the movie was Dr. Doolittle meets The Godfather) each dog in the dog park came over to 'El Diablo Bastard' and licked his hand.

In a press conference today, "El Diablo Bastard", feels the crazy dog licking experience can be attributed to dogs knowing when one of their own is retiring. Thus they came to pay their last respects to The Don. "They must have known that I found the right b!tc# and was about to give up my dogging ways. "

When asked how he could have gotten a staunch bachelorette like The Mad Dater to join "The Couple" , he told the packed auditorium that, "The Mad Dater got swept away by 'El Diablo Bastard' like a bad flood".

In a most bizarre twist, is rumored that "El Diablo Bastard" actually asked The Mad Dater to be his girlfriend. While The Mad Dater has not confirmed that she has actually joined this Gang, our sources tell us that The Mad Dater was moved to say yes by the "cuteness" of someone actually asking her to be his girlfriend and not saying something like, "So we're together now, huh?"

The Mad Dater could not be reached at press time for comment. We will keep you posted as more news comes in....

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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