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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Sunday, October 19, 2003
Behind The Madness - The Inside story of The Mad Dater - Part 1 

The Mad Dater was born the son of a share cropper - no that's George Jefferson. Maybe I have to start out with a joke because I know that what I have to write isn't funny. The truth about yourself is never funny- ask any comedian. Well she finally came out to "El Diablo Bastard" . Who is it? THE MONSTER- (queue scary music).

Yes, The Mad Dater finds a way to ruin all relationships by being unreasonable (unreasonable: crazy from PMS). It should have been obvious that I was headed for something; I hadn't exercised regularly in weeks. I had been sick, snappy, lethargic and my laundry just could not seem to stay folded. Seriously, I must have folded it three separate times. I moved it's location twice and even wrote a 'to do' note about doing it- obviously this was time I could have spent actually folding the clothes. I guess that whole discussion about laundry just helped me avoid the actual matter at hand- my incurable need to go off on a regular basis.

To be continued...

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Behind The Madness - The Inside story of The Mad Dater - Part 1 - The Mad Dater Dating Blog
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