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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Thursday, September 25, 2003
But what about ya readers... 

In a review of this site by The Weblog Review, the reviewer ends with the following statement: " For the sake of the readers, let's hope she never settles down!" Well y'all, the general rule of dating blogs is, ya let ya readers down if ya get too blissfully happy to bash a Bastard. But fear not, where The Mad Dater goes, Bastards are sure to follow.

Hmm... but The Mad Dater is getting happy. Right now "El Diablo Bastard" is making "The Mad Dater" really happy. Last Thursday we met Witchy Woman and her "Baking Bastard" at Commune - They we all went over to East Side Lounge for some drinks where we met up with "The Poetic Bastard". Sunday we spent all day at Piedmont Park just being kids (of course we took part in a few adult activities when the sun went down - know what I mean Vern). We spent seven hours there just talking, rolling down the hills (ok maybe that was just me) and just being silly overall. Then last night we went to The Righteous Room for a quick bite. And I'm not tired of the Bastard yet! - Go Figure

You know, it's amazing that in this short time with "El Diablo Bastard", three things that I've always wanted to have happen with someone have:
  • I'm waiting to get to know someone well before having sex. (Without me having to play the "I'm Not Ready Game" . Not that I've actually done that, since my loins have an incurable case of Curiousitis- they are always curious about the goods ya got hidden in those jeans.)
  • I've always wanted someone to spontaneously write me a poem. Which he wrote on the paper that he gave me his phone number on.
  • I''ve always wanted to spend all day with someone, just hanging out, and not get bored or end up having sex (A by-product of boredom). Which is exactly what we did on Sunday.
Speaking of my case of Curiousitis, how's "El Diablo Bastard" and The Mad Dater's contest of wills to see who'll break the, No Sex For Six Months Betgoing? (Hey it was his idea - who knows why...) Either of us can give up at any time, but the person who doesn't give up gets bragging rights to say that the "loser" just couldn't resist the "winner". The good part of the bet is that we can do every thing in between. Which is a lot of stuff! (This is why I'm always skeptical when people say they're Virgins. To me you can only be a Virgin in the Mary Mother of Jesus/Vestal way. Not in the "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" way. ) Of course, with this bet, we both win in the end...

So in assuming that during this time he'll be dating and having sex, myself included ( hey we're all humans with needs), I asked him to let me know if he does have sex with someone. This way I can avoid feeling that he's hiding something from me - which would make me angry. (Him having sex with someone else wouldn't make me angry. Jealous yes, but not angry. (I'm one of those people who senses when someone is not telling me something - And no, this ain't some Psychic Hotline nonsense - I can really tell these things.) Well ya man says to me, "You know what? I'll wait. If you want me to, I won't have sex with anyone while this bet is on." I was like, Huh! Yes he really said that he wouldn't have sex with anyone else while we kept this challenge up. I'm starting to think men like Paul from:It is not within me to be silent really do exist!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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