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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Friday, September 05, 2003
Busta No Rhymes 

So I'm chilling at The Bar at MJQ hoping that I still have some Bastard Pulling Abilities in reserve when Busta No Rhymes tries to holla at me. (He's such a busta that he doesn't even deserve a bastard name). Now I'm thinking that my abilities have fallen off so much, now I'm not even attracting Bastards I'm attracting Bustas.

Now granted you don't have to be a cutie pie to get The Mad Dater's number (though it is a definite plus), but you do have to have a personality. And if you don't have that you at least need to be smart. And if you don't have that at least be interesting. And if you don't have any of those, well I can't help ya.

Do you know what Busta No Rhymes's opening line was? "I like your hair". (He must have watched that "Miss Manners" commercial too much) Then his next line is, "Can I get your number?". I mean no segue (not to be confused with The Segways that The Pimpstress tells me the medics use in Alpharetta), no "hey how ya doing", nada. I ask him "Why should I give you my phone number?" He looks perplexed so I say, "Ok. Describe yourself to me in three words. If I like it I'll give you my number."

Drum roll for the corniest answer ever...."Cool, A$$ Brother" Yeah I got three words for him "Beat it Buck-o". So I decide to be nice and nicely tell him "Dude, you would get so much more play, if you just be yourself and relax." He responds with a "Whatever." I respond by moving to the other side of the bar.

Where o' where has my Tan gone....

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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