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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Bastard Hunting 101: The Most Deadly Bastard of Them All 

When Hunting Bastards, one must remember that not all Species of Bastards are alike. There is one Deadly Bastard Species that we must all try to avoid: This bastard has a good sense of smell. They can smell when their prey is about to get captured and it is at that time that they appear as if out of nowhere, trying to gain their prey back. This species of Bastard is commonly referred to as the "Like Herpes Bastard" While it is possible to be cured of other Bastard Species, there is no cure for this one. (This Bastard was inspired by and EX from the site mynewbest friend.) Just when ya think ya fine and cured- he pops up again like a cancer sore:

  • Just when stopped thinking about them.. here they come.
  • Just when you forgot their phone they come.
  • Just when you found someone ya really like.. here they come to ruin your party...

  • It seems that two such "Like Herpes Bastards" have reappeared:
    "Oh, You Can't Call Nobody Bastard" sent me an email telling me that he finally finished reading that copy of The Fountainhead that I gave him when we first went out. As you may recall this bastard stood me up on his birthday. Seems he thinks that we should talk about it... hmmm.. What do you think... Veiled attempt at an apology? Really wants to talk about the book? Hmm, I don't know. Normally I would blow the boy off (and not in the good way) But damn, the boy is fine, funny and has that whole shy- guy nerd thing going on. (I just love nerds for some reason, maybe it's the whole let me initiate you thing - who knows)....

    "Bastard From The Past": Called me three times in one day - He's moved OTP - That's Atlanta speak for Outside The at least I won't have to bump into him or anything...
    But I feel I shall be cured of these Bastards shortly. I only hope that the most offensive Bastard of them all does to come 'a calling. Drum roll for The President of The Extraordinary League Of Bastards: "Billy Bastard" - aka - "No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard" - aka - "Waiting Bastard" - aka - "Can I Get Laid Bastard" - aka - "No More Waiting Bastard" - aka - "Self-Righteous Bastard" - aka - "Convictionless, Self-Righteous, The-Only-Principle-I-Know-Was-The-One-I-Had-In-School-Bastard" - aka - "That Bastard, Whose Name Is Too Long To Write Out" - aka - "Disturbed Lover" - who is now known in my cell phone as F^@# Off .

    BTW: "Dr. Feel Good Bastard" : Just got back in town and wants to hang out. Does he have my cure?

    The Mad Dater - Later kids

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