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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Friday, August 01, 2003
Round Twelve 

I hope you all read the live battle that I had that is posted in the chatterbox to the left with the bastard now known as"Convictionless, Self-Righteous, The-Only-Principle-I-Know-Was-The-One-I-Had-In-School-Bastard" who was formerly " Waiting Bastard" (as in: "Waiting until someone gives me some Bastard"), also formerly "No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard" (as in "I'm gonna say that I'm pious, hoping that you'll have sex with me anyway Bastard". That bastard - what a laughable, character he is. I wish he could see what I see.

OK - so somebody emailed me for the full transcript...HERE IT IS:
Waiting Bastard: You know after our conversation today. I am completely disenchanted about the whole "Let's be rude to you each other stages." Someone once said to me do put expectation on people that they can't live up to. If you know a person gets busy sometimes, and the they call you back when they're not busy. Take for what its worth. They're allot worst type friendships that you can have than that. I that was one of my enemies who bad friendships then bring it on.

The Mad Dater: Simply courtesy says be a person of your word. So, let's stop being rude to each other - by not talking - I think that's the only solution at this point - you're making me really mad on a regular basis. What's worse is, I was actually going to be like "forget all that other stuff".

No More Waiting Bastard: You give such a small region for error is the main reason why you and I butt heads so much. I said, "I call you back" I didn't have time to explain. That doesn't mean in 5 minutes, it means when I can. If you don't value our friendship for what it is then for get you too. You're a silent killer anyway. Figure it out...

The Mad Dater: Dude - no more mysteries here - I don't care anymore.

No More Waiting Bastard: BTW. I have to change my name this time. Because I can no longer hold such a high standard as "The Waiting Bastard" I gave into temptation. I didn't plan it, I just kind fell into it. I haven't seen a friend of mine in long time. Over a year, she and I had long relationship together and I guess there were some feeling still registering and I guess I screwed up major this time but life goes on. So that it in a nut shell... and I hope you will understand they're not times we all get caught up. And I know as many people you know, there is happy guy out there this very moment with a smile on his face and looking at you like a milk add.

The Mad Dater: You know my first post today was going to be about how I thought that if you get married you'll be the type of person who cheats - because you set standards for yourself that you cannot attain. I knew it was all just a front! What do you stand for? Do you have any convictions. Now I really never want to speak to you again. I at least thought that no matter what, I said about you being a jerk - at least you have the courage to stick to your convictions and remain celibate. And I thought that you had an extremely admirable quality. That's why I kept forgiving you... your steadfastness to your beliefs WAS admirable. You HAD my admiration - which is hard to come by. But you don't even have convictions, I see now. This gets the big WHATEVER DUDE. WORK THIS OUT WITH YOUR SELF AND "YOUR GOD" . I'll just call you "Self-Righteous Bastard" from, now on.

No More Waiting Bastard: Who are you to call someone self righteous? The question is "Are you abstaining?" Hell No! You can even sit still long enough to make sure everything is cool first. You rather point the finger and then...go out with some new or old at the same moment. No love lost... just obstacles avoided.. BTW we all have flaws... stop pointing the finger and look inside at yourself then you'll clarity. I admit I fall short, but I keep trying and when I stop then I'll be with you and your god. In short, I am not mad with you. I just tired of being judged by you. I really like you and I hope you can give people more of chance than you have given me. If maybe if you succeed and control your barometer for expectations. You will feel more fulfilled and less angry with people. All the hate isn't good for the soul. Especially for someone you never really knew... How about less than 6 weeks..."Can I Get Laid Bastard" wants to go out tonight... what the Hell..... What are you doing seriously... I am unemployed and free..

The Mad Dater: What does this mean "....moment with a smile on his face and looking at you like a milk add?" Then again it doesn't really matter. You disappoint me. I looked at you by the standards that you set for yourself. You have been the only person to judge yourself.. I have merely been a reflection. I'm really disappointed .
My gloves are off.

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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