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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Punch & Judy - Atlanta Style 

Let's please stop this, while there is still the sembelance of civility here... and while there is still something, somewhere aout the other that each of us still likes... Here is your response:
"Disturbed Lover": Why must you act as if I didn't come over to help you and I didn't see you. You got off the phone so abruptly with me. BTW - it felt nasty to be exact.

The Mad Dater: And help is considered... coming over, seeing that I obviously didn't get into my apartment, since my stuff was still outside - then leaving without even trying to help or find out what happened to me? How is that helpful? I went to look for help, since I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for you to call me to tell me that you found something to help me with. Was I supposed to wait there indefinitely without a phone call? I can't read minds...yet. Please, with your track record on phone calls I could only guess that you were a no-show! And about being nasty - DUDE I was locked out of my apartment - I needed to get in - you obviously weren't gonna help.

"Disturbed Lover": How must I prostrate before you master? How must I sacrifice more for you, and stand in your eyes with my so many flaws that you don't have. I am sorry I left after you hung up. What was I suppose to do? Your so nasty about things how am I going to respond, O queen of lips spouting milk.? 

The Mad Dater: I'll ignore your sarcasm dude, here's the deal. Someone gets locked out of their house - and you don't even call to find out if they got in ok? I see that you are very caring - that was sarcastic. And I wasn't nasty - I was upset after... waiting for you without a call... trying to get into my house. having ice-cream melting, etc! What should I have said to you: "Oh , thank you so much for coming by anyway. Though you couldn't help me or leave me a note, I'm still glad that you stopped by." WHATEVER!

"Disturbed Lover": BTW you have such activity registry, how many bastards does it take to unlock a door? Was I bastard number what? 

The Mad Dater: In life you have to pick through a lot of coal to find a diamond. I'll go through as many bastards as it takes to find the one who's the real deal - not a fake, or a bastard! I know, when I met you I explained that I need to be entertained, and it's easier to be entertained my many as opposed to one. If I waited for you to call me or see me, I'd be a bored-a$$ MoFo. That must be the type of woman that you want, one who waits around for you, tends to you're every need, cleans your apartment and only answers to you - go back to the stone age bucko - or marry that Jehovah's Witness woman and be bored to tears for the rest of your life - that's not me and will never be me! Look this is my life and I paint the pictures, and I add as many characters as I see fit to make it how I imagine it to be. There definitely was a time and I know I explained this to you that I just wanted it to be us - and what did you tell me - that "you were seeing some else", "you didn't want to talk about this now "- dude you made this situation the way that it is. I simply asked for a phone call or a visit and you couldn't provide that, was I supposed to wait in my tower and let down my golden hair - O Prince of Toads?

"Disturbed Lover": I don't see you offering hot water these days. I told you mine is cut off. I don't see you offering me any Dinner these days either. I told you I was broke. HMMNN I don't see much of anything assitance.

The Mad Dater: Here's my assistance: Get with you ex wife - didn't you say she was trying to holla? She can take care of you, she's obvously used to it Look, I can't explain why I still have feelings for you or how that first kiss made me feel - but that is all irellevant, we have to stop this - it's really twisted and serves no purpose, we are accomplishing nothing - except obviously getting some perverse enjoyment out of driving each other crazy - This is not healthy! Maybe things would be better if we didn't communicate for a while and then they would get better - but for now this has to stop.
My gloves are off...

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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