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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Sunday, August 31, 2003
Dear Diary - "Don't Tell Nobody" 

It was Saturday of The Big Bastard Weekend and I decided to honor my promise to my kidnapper ISSy (Inner Slutty Sister) of The I-Three's and " Have more sex".

Took myself out to dinner at Surin's Thai Bowl - and started the night out with Sake and Beer (All's good that starts out with Sake and Beer) Oh, I forgot to mention the outfit: requisite Black pants (I swore them off but I swear they multiply in my closet when I'm not looking) and my new Naughty But Nice Bustier, completing the look with my Little Red Riding Hood shoes (they're red, high-heeled, 40's retro shoes with a sweet little bow in the front). These shooes scream "Deflower me!" (You know the type fellas, it's the type that ya want the girl to leave on when all else falls off) As Old Dirty Bastard said, "Those are some cute - come f@#$ me shoes.''

I digress. So doing my best "Catholic School Girl" impersonation (Daddy's little girl on the outside, dirty little girl inside - here's to you ISSy) and nicely lubricated when I roll up to Apres Diem. When I order the requisite Kettle One Gimlet Up, The Bartender Christopher (cutie) asks me how I'm doing and I tell him that I'm doing The Opposite (my Sienfield tribule) and ask him what I should do. He told me to go to The Clermont Lounge. (For those of you who don't live in Atlanta, it features trailer park strippers, including the specialty act Blondie. A Big black woman with blond hair who crushes beer cans with her massive breasts - and no Dr. Sigmund Bastard, I won't be attempting that trick.)

While I'm thinking about it, I notice someone noticing me. A cutie pie sips his drink and nonchalantely looks over at me... a few times. I act as if I'm in deep thought. (I hear being pensive is a come-on). Boom, not two seconds later (O.k. more like two minutes, but when you sense that you're gonna get some it's more like two seconds.) Ya man rolls over to me and starts to holla. Immediately I as him if he's Turkish. (Remember, I used to date Crazy Turkish Bastard - who pre-dated this blog). He's Half-Italian, Half Turkish and I'm hoping a stallion like Crazy Turkish Bastard) . We talk for a minute (more like 20 but, you know what I mean) then he decides that we should go somewhere else for a drink... his place maybe.

It tickles me how people as for you to "Come up and see me some time". So being my Opposite Inspired Big Bastard Weekend, I decide to gowith him; plus I really wanted to see his condo complex. (That big eyesore on Peachtree - The Metropolis) We go back to his place and the first sign that I knew I was in trouble was when he hands me a Zima-like beverage - some lemony malt beverage. I'm like "Dude, I always wondered who bought this stuff at the supermarket - I thought it was simply underage sorority girls"

So I try to drink that crap and we pay twenty questions on the balcony. Maybe it was the summer breeze, maybe it was the two Kettle One Gimlets, maybe it was the couple having sex by the pool... who knows, but ya man's final question for the night "You're beautiful, we're obviously attracted to each other why aren't we in the bedroom?"

I answered his question with my own "Yeah why aren't we?"

To Be Continued...

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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