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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
A Simple Misunderstanding? 

So "No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard " Emails me and asks me to convert some stupid attachment into a word doc for him. I'm thinking no problem - he must really need it, especially since I left hat message on his machine. Well the emails that followed have me confused? :

"No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard ":Can you open this and then save it
to a word document and then send it back to me??

The Mad Dater: You're welcome

"No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard ": Since your so fast... I need a picture of you..send it I
know you have one..

The Mad Dater:And you need a picture
of me because...

"No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard ":
I want one

The Mad Dater:That's not good enough, therefore you only get a
picture of my mascot! - (I sent him a picture of Tina The Troubled Teen)

"No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard": Okay... get what you get???

The Mad Dater:What does "Okay... get what you get???" mean? That's a little scary. Please explain!

"No Sex In The Champagne Room Bastard ":That's the point

The Mad Dater:Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to scare me?

Do You think this is a threat or what? So I call him and ask him what the hell is up with these emails? He tells me he doesn't understand what I mean. I tell him in light of my telephone message, this sounds like a threat to me. he says he is kidding and that he never got the telephone message. Then he ask me what the message was, and I tell him it's that I don't want to see him anymore. He says we need to talk and to meet him and his daughter near my house. I tell him I don;t want to meet his daughter and he says fine - just us two. So Should I be packing my Mack - 10? Good thing I told him to meet me in a public place! Later Kids!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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