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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Thursday, July 10, 2003
More From The Bastard Brigade  

So I called "Ole Dirty Bastard" - he's 38 and likes to get freaky - he's not home. I leave a brief "Just checking in on ya Bastard " message. I call "Too Young For Me Bastard" and he actually picks up the phone. I was caught by Bastard surprise. So basically I was like can I see ya at some point? -(BTW - this is the bastard who got all heated because I was a party which I invited him to and didn't pay enough attention to him. Whaa, whaa - ole big baby...if he wasn't so cute... and such a good dancer...) Any way he's like I'm so busy I'll call you when I'm not busy...Yeah...whatever dude. Also, ya man tells me he can't see me today because he's hanging out with a Friend. Hah! I laugh at such vague language. Especially since I saw him with his Friendat the club the week before that party. And he had the nerve to say goodbye to me. Well then again I was there with "Bastard From The Past" and the man who was soon to be known as "Ole Dirty Bastard" Then I call "Oh You Can't Call Nobody Bastard" - (BTW - this is the bastard who I had an ill psychic flash that he was hiding something from me - and low and behold - he said that he was but wouldn't tell me.) Anyway I leave a brief message. And he calls me back at 9:00 last night. Had a great conversation about how you can't have a booty call when you live in the sticks like he does, I mean that takes planning, you gotta call and be like "Hey pencil me in for a booty call two weeks from today and By The Way, I'll have an overnight bag. so don't plan on me 'laying and leaving', you do live in the sticks ya know!" Well that went well. I told him about my ode to Bastards here at Dating Tales From The Mad Daterand he was like don't list me there. I told home he's too cute to really be a bastard. I mean he really is and he hasn't done anything REALLY wrong ...yet.

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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