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As if you care about my dating life! But since you're reading this dating blog....

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
In Other Bastard News: Even The Dirty Ones Know How To Forgive 

Now "Old Dirty Bastard" is a bastard that Waiting Bastard could learn some things from. And not just because, "Old Dirty Bastard" has no "hang-ups", whew! - but because "Old Dirty Bastard" has a quality that belies his true bastardry - that's the ability to say "sorry". Other incidents that contradict his Bastardry include: him giving an old lady a ride to Publix who waved us down this weekend while we were driving and him letting some chick park in his driveway( don't mess with his driveway), who clearly pulled a fast one on him by pretending to know him so her friends could park in his driveway!. Now that chick pulled The Big Bastard Move of the weekend.

So this past Saturday "Old Dirty Bastard" and I are hanging out on his porch, having some beers and waiting for someone to get towed. (Only a true Bastard derives fun from other people's downfall!) and out of no where he starts going off on me about how I spoke to him a few weeks back when we were coming back from the movies (Back Story: We go to movies, it's raining, he's driving like he has no sense, I'm panicking and yelling at him). Obviously, ya man was extremely upset and let this fester, 'cause he was letting me have it on Saturday.

Per the usual Mad Dater MO I left. I told him have a good night and went home. So the next day he calls me, as he did after The Maniacal Driving/ Mad Dater Tripping incident, and apologizes for going off on me. I also apologized for yelling at him previously. Everything is fine - see how easy it is to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. I guess this is a difficult thing when your pride gets in the way - Waiting Bastard!

On a Side Note: On Friday I hung out with "Bastard From The Past" and "Old Dirty Bastard", as those of you who are following this saga may know, I used to get with, "Bastard From The Past". He and "Old Dirty Bastard" are friends. I met "Old Dirty Bastard" at "Bastard From The Past"'s house. The last time I saw "Bastard From The Past" was the day that "Old Dirty Bastard" "Drove me home." So basically I knew Friday would be a little awkward - hanging out with both of them for the first time especially since"Old Dirty Bastard" has since told "Bastard From The Past" that he "Drove me home". Funny thing is, it was cool. If you consider cool being "Bastard From The Past" doing call girl research while "Old Dirty Bastard"and I played with his dog. I kid you not folks!

The Mad Dater - Later kids

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